We live in challenging times for our community – and our children. More than ever, our kids need a good education for a better life. Yet a critical school levy expires this year. Without it, our kids lose $66 million a year.


CMSD seeks to renew the levy, and add 5 mills to preserve and update quality programs, improve test scores and graduation rates, keep good teachers, add technology, and prepare all students for college and careers.

In 2012, CMSD had the lowest educational rating in Ohio. Today, our schools are among the fastest

improving in Ohio. Your vote will support continued progress:

  • A graduation rate above 80% will keep rising

  • Reading and Math scores will keep rising

  • Students will have quality technology and internet access

  • Teachers will be equipped to go above and beyond during remote learning

  • Vital counseling, mental health, and nutrition help as needed

  • Students will get academic and vocational training for college and jobs

  • More grads will get financial scholarships for college or career training

For all this, Issue 68 adds less than $7 a month for the median Cleveland home value.

Businesses pay two-thirds of the cost. Losing this funding would be a huge setback for our kids.

Download the CMSD

Issue 68 flyer